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Body Ebook


In BODY, I am walking you through a healing journey, that transforms your relationship with your body so you can begin to focus on being present, by eating to live, habitually moving your body and listening to what your body needs.

We’ll begin with food, reflecting on our relationship with it and detoxing the mucus, and toxins out. This has so many benefits; you feel lighter, you prevent further disease and cleansing has an impact on your mood.


Next, we’ll tap into movement and how it's important for healing the body. Did you know that you can physically move bowels and certain dis-eases with particular movements? This costs nothing, how amazing is that.


In the last section, we will talk about sexual health both for women and men, both for those sexually active and not. We'll end with remedies for common pains.


Each section will include a self assessment, suggested healing modalities, resources and an action plan. There will be a variety of resources, because again, one size doesn’t fit all.


It's time to heal love, join me on this journey!

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