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Hey my love

I'm Tiara

Holistic herbalist, nutritionist, and shaman. With a complete, mind, body, spirit approach, I help humans dig deep into themselves to pull out what no longer belongs, replacing it with healthy minds and body. I've worked all over the world with celebrities being my main clientele, also working with women in remote villages and everyone in between. I believe it not only takes herbs, but a healthy mind to shift out of dis-ease.  My methods have been use to reverse many ailments including PCOS, Endo, cancers, fibroids, thyroid concerns, infertility, brain fog, weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes HSV, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, lung disease, migraines and rheumatoid arthritis. I also work as a life coach assisting people in figuring out their next steps in their careers, relationships (couples counseling), personal life and more. Starting Summer 2024 I will be offering doula and postpartum services.


Whether you're looking for help with your career, health, relationships, personal growth, or anything else, I am is here to offer guidance, encouragement, nutritional and shamanic assistance. I have a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of what it takes to get you to the next level

Some tools I use include:

-Wholistic nutrition

-Traditional Chinese Medicine



-Shamanic plant medicines

-Past life regression

-Akashic records


- Intuitive channeling

-Duck Flower cleanse




what you need

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Releasing ceremonies

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Trauma healing


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Are you ready to work with me?


You've tried other methods, tired of taking pills, tried to do it on your own but nothing is working


You're ready for deep healing, no fluff and you know it will take time, consistency and a positive attitude


You know you can do it, just need support & accountability

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I offer personalized guidance and support, tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual. I take time to learn you, your body and we work together to feed you what you need

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believe in


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