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African Masai in Traditional Dress

Welcome to Zanzibar!

A retreat where you get to do good, eat good and feel good


Lets Go To Zanzibar

Hi Beautiful Human!

I'm excited to tell you about retreats I'm hosting here in Zanzibar, a magical island off the coast of East Africa!

You will have a 360 experience from swimming with turtles, touring the spice farm, volunteering at an orphanage, eating AMAZING local food, to energy healing sessions, integration sessions and more. I have so many yummy adventures in store for you! Come ready to do good, eat good, and feel good. Yesss! 


What are the requirements?

  • Must be willing to keep an open-mind 

  • Be respectful of the culture

  • Kind hearted and adaptable - no attitudes welcomed

  • Be Financially ready to commit  

If  Zanzibar has been on your list and you feel aligned with a heart to serve and a desire for adventure and exploration, use the link below to submit your application today. I can't wait to hear from you. 

Tiara_village experience

Tentative Itinerary 

Your time here would look something like:

Day 1:

Arrivals and welcome dinner

Day 2:

A day in Stonetown; Explore the magic of this historical place with vibrant art, architecture, and locals. Finish the day by exploring the night market, swahili treats prepared by the locals

Days 3-6: 

Day: Start the day with mindfulness like yoga, journaling or yoga. Head to our community project where you will absolutely fall in love with and feel the warm embrace of children at a local orphanage. This is where we will work on needed projects throughout the school. From painting, to assisting the school set up school social media accounts to tutoring the students, taking professional photos to use for donations, we will be assigned to an area to help

Night: From nightly integration intimate healing sessions, to healing work including reiki, or an evening swim, a cooking session with family for a host family experience, or spice touring, these optional night activities are the perfect balance of relaxing and immersing 

Day 7:

Boat time! We've served all week, it's time for us to enjoy some water adventure! We'll explore caves, swim with turtles and catch a boat cruise. Perfect way to wind down the trip

What's included in your investment: accommodations, meals, visa fees, entrance to activities, healing sessions, donation to the school, supplies. 

What's not included: flight, insurance if desired, extra gifts

Can't Join Donations Accepted

If you're thinking this sounds like a great opportunity Tiara and I would love to attend, but maybe next year would be better for me. I totally understand. If you've like to contribute you can. 

Retreats are hosted May-October

Tiara With Children_Playtime

Service Based

Working with a local school to identify an attainable need we can fulfill during our time there. This could be tutoring students, painting, assisting with technology, taking class photos, etc. 


Cultural Integration

You'll be connected to a buddy during this time who will show you how it is to live in Africa. You may cook with them, you may visit their jobs, or you may end up at a local bar, whatever you're into lol!

Integration and Healing


From cave swimming, to private islands and sunset cruises, let's explore this island by water!

Tiara with Youth

Child Friendly

Thinking about bringing your little one?  Amazing! This can absolutely be arranged. 

Teens 16 and older are allowed to fly solo! (They are very safe!)

private island zanzibar

Integration & Healing

Nightly conversations, reflections and healing sessions including processing the new experience, bridging the diaspora gap, and racial disparities.

Heal With Tiara Support


What I find is missing in the programs that i've come across is support along this journey.  From the moment you are accepted on this retreat, you are supported by me with 1 on 1 and group calls before the trip so you feel empowered and ready!

About Your Host

Tiara Tribes

Heal with Tiara -Volunteer In Zanzibar

So what makes me the ideal guide?

From living in multiple African countries for about 10 years, to guiding teens on trips to beautiful places like Colombia and Turkey, I am trained with the logistical, emotional and practical wisdom needed to guide you on a beautiful, life changing experience. 

What's unique about this program is that I assist you on your physical, and emotional journey here, which are equally important. We dig deep into the emotional aspects that may arise as you visit a new, exciting, place. From physical to emotional support, I am here to serve you my love.

Welcome to Africa!  


Greetings From Tiara

Have more questions?

Contact us at My team and I are committed to you having the most incredible retreat experience. 

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