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Medicine Worker Course

Answering the call 

You, the healer

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You've been knowing this for a while, that you should step into your healer role, but maybe you've been nervous to take the leap, or didn't know where to begin, or who to trust. You feel things deeper than others, you know you are more connected, and that this is your path. It's time honey.

When: Next Cohort starts in July 2024 

Where: Weekly virtual calls

Price: $888, payment plans are available, with a $111 deposit due 6/1. Use code Installment1 at checkout.

Who: Humans looking to begin/ deepen their healing journey. First 15 students to send their payments will be admitted into the program.

Looking for more? Once you complete this level, the next step available to you is entering the school of mysteries, the deep gems and magic available to you once you tap in. This includes kundalini, medicinal ( shamanic medicine) , kundalini and tantra awakening, hypnosis, higher consciousness, purification of others, telekinesis, and reiki 2 and 3. This cost is $1,777. Prerequisite is completing level 1 medicine course.

What you'll learn

Traditional and contemporary healing modalities taught by me, a celebrity medicine woman, shaman, nutritionist, herbalist, and energy worker. From identifying dis-ease, to being connected to your womb (infinite intelligence), and your higher self, to having proper knowledge of herbs, and their uses, you will feel confident & prepared to heal yourself, your loved ones, and your future clients. 

Hot spring in the forest


We'll start off by deep inner cleansing and purifications, self exploration and healing. 'How you got win when you ain't right within?". This is important because our energy transfers to our clients. The good energy or the junk. 

Next we learn about herbalism, healing modalities, nutrition, life coaching, inner child healing, trauma healing, spiritual practices, maintaining good spiritual hygiene and protection. Then we'll end with how to start your own healing practice. I'll give you my personal blueprint, with all supporting docs.

Rock Maze

1 on 1 assistance

Throughout this program we will chat one on one to see how you are doing in your personal life and in this course. You are not in this alone! 

When we are finished this course, you will submit a creative piece, proving you have a thorough understanding of the concepts. Post program, I have a chat with you to help you set up your business and help you figure out your lane. I also give you resources for continued growth

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Cost $888, payment plans available, insert code installment1 at checkout
Next cohort begins Summer 2024

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