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Tiara in Black with Shades

Welcome to the Family!

A platform made by me and curated for your unique healing journey

Finally, a platform all about YOU and your healing journey 

Learn how to heal you and your loved ones

Learn how to improve your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual health

Learn how to listen to your body

Learn how to put any condition into remission the holistic way

A Message from Tiara

The community is a safe space dedicated to your highest healing with resources, tools, activities and calls to support you and your loved ones.  This membership is a place where you come to find support in living a fulfilled, joyful, stress-free life. A home where you find solutions for living the beautiful life you deserve.  You may be someone looking to heal through physical or mental dis-eases, someone ready to release emotional blockages, or maybe you’re looking to find your spark or purpose, we have something special for you. 
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When you're tired of not feeling your best, be it due to physical pain, emotional pain or just not feeling fulfilled in life,  it's time to take charge of your life. The Heal with Tiara Community provides resources and support to help you feel great about your life now and in the future.

It's time to tackle this!

As humans, we undoubtedly take on way way way too much, and this often leads to stress, which could result in anxiety, and physical health conditions

As a certified nutritionist, I help you get to the root of  any blockages you may be experiencing that hinder you from being your highest self.

We approach this by looking at the mind, body, and spirit-mind- learn about brain foods and herbs, and do activities to heal inner child wounds.

Body: Simple lifestyle shifts like adding more nutrients to our eating to support our brain function, promote preventative care and help conditions go into remission.

Spirit: Learning ways to set boundaries, love ourselves more and dig deep to see what is blocking our success.


Each month we'll have a different topic and homework for ex: this month we’re building our immune system, and I'll give tips on healing through chronic conditions, STI’s, general health, mental health boundaries with fam.


We have challenges, live calls, and a message board to practice and support one another.

Affordability is my number one priority, you deserve healing without barriers

Your Investment




2 months FREE!


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Medical Results

"Yoooooo the duck really worked. No sugar in my urine and blood pressure dropped dramatically, said it's still a lil high but nowhere near where it was."

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Emotional Support

"I tell alllll my friends about you , I'm like she gone change y'all lives too."

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Life Coaching

"I started following you since you started teaching in Africa.

You inspired me to buy property there and to do business there."

Meet the Founder

Tiara on Bicycle
Hi honey! I'm Tiara and I'm sooo excited you are here. Let me tell you a lil about how I got on this path.


My healing journey began after breaking free of an abusive relationship - one in which the abuser attempted to end my life - and not knowing where to go after that. Feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, PTSD, anxiety, self esteem insecurities, and uncertainty about my purpose drowned me daily.


For the next 2 years I took time to heal through those feelings with therapy, herbs, movement, shifting my eating patterns, crying, and leaning on the right people. I did what I needed to go from daily triggers and panic attacks to living in sovereignty, anxiety free, with a beautiful relationship with myself and a joy in my soul that runs deep.  -->

Tiara Willis

  • How much does it cost to attend the retreat?
    The investment for each retreat includes: Visa fee, accommodations, all scheduled meals, to and from the airport, and transportation during the scheduled retreat. $2,900 Flights are not included. Flights can range anywhere from $900-$2,600 depending on season and when you book your flight. Fly now pay later options will be shared in the group chat. Visa also not included, however I assist with this process
  • What is the cost to hold my spot?
    The deposit is $400 and is non refundable.
  • Do you offer different payment options?
    Once you submit your deposit of $600, you have the option to sign up for automatic withdrawals or manually submit payment according to the deadline. Payments are broken up into 4 installments. And the dates for each of the installments will be communicated to you shortly after receiving your deposit. Please be advised that if you decide to join the retreat after the previous scheduled installments you will be required to settle any payments to bring your payments up-to-day.
  • What can I expect from the accommodations?
    Single occupancy room with private bathroom/shower located in a safe, beautiful, clean, refreshing space located near the pristine Indian ocean.
  • Is it safe to visit Zanzibar?
    I've visited 50+ countries and Zanzibar is one of the safest places by far, including the USA
  • What documents do I need?
    You will need a passport and visa. (I will assist in this process). Your Visa fee is included in cost of trip
  • Do I need any immunizations?
    No vaccines are required.
  • What are the dates for the retreats?
    June 16th - June 23 August 1st - 10th October 15th - 24th
  • How is this trip unique?
    You will have the opportunity to volunteer at a local school, spend time immersing yourself in the culture by spending time in different villages and experiencing the different traditions. Our nights will conclude with a healing sessions from a certified practitioner. You will also have the opportunity to adventure on a sea-fari tour. How amazing is that!
  • How will you support me?
    Logistical: Passport application process (if needed) Assistance with via process (if needed) Assistance with searching for flights (if needed) Emotional: Processing thoughts before, during and after the retreat Physical: You'll be assigned a buddy who will assist you on your journey and you also have me each step of the way ​
  • Who can attend your retreat?
    Anyone 16 and over can come alone. Those under 16 are welcomed with a parent! ​ I am looking for kind people who are open minded and excited about a new experience!
  • Do you plan to add other retreat dates?
    Retreats will be 7-10 days long and there will be multiple throughout summer and fall 2023. As each retreat fills up I will add more dates.

Join us now

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Membership is currently 50% off! Join now to experience ALL that Tiara has in store for you in pursuit of your highest healing.

Tiara in Gratitude
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