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It’s time for you to take care of YOU. Let’s travel to cleaner air, fresh produce and healing waters to help you heal through the ailments that are preventing you from living a life you LOVE.


Honduras Retreats

The details...



Fresh produce, air, water and herbs are the healing modalities I choose to work with, so we’ll be nestled in one of the most powerful places to do this, La Cieba section of Honduras surrounded by nature. 



YOU! Whether you are healing through something like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc., or just need a restart, this is for you darling



For the body to function properly, and to prevent/heal through anything, we must give it the proper nutrients and detoxification. Each detail, from the location, to the waters, foods and herbs are chosen for your highest healing.



Alkaline living! Following scientific research done by our beloved Dr. Sebi, we will be honoring your body, helping it return to homeostasis by giving it lots of nourishment in the form of food, herbs, and a clean environment; tools used by myself, and many other healers for centuries.


How much?

The total cost for this healing journey is $1,800 which includes all in country transportation, healing foods, thermal water, herbs and nutritional consultations. 
Not included: Flights to and from Honduras, souvenirs, extra herbs if desired. 



March 10th-17th 2024

"Thank you for being so dedicated to your path, being so clear... your methods really work"

Honduras Retreat  attendee from 2021 healing through dermatitis, topical steroid withdraw (tsw), and eczema

Tree Lined Path

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