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Heal with Tiara at School In Africa

Impacting One Child At A Time

Heal with Tiara in Zanzibar School
"A safe space dedicated to your highest healing with resources, tools, activities and calls to support you and your loved ones." 
Service to me is a heart to heart exchange. A moment to connect, learn and play, even if just for a moment. Service isn’t looking for a camera, retuned favor or good karma. It’s an opportunity to show someone your heart. Someone who potentially could never pay you back with money, and still you feel full.


In 2022, I returned to Zanzibar and during that time I was introduced to Munnawar Muslim Organization. Upon my visit my heart instantly warmed to the joy and smiles of the children.

Why I Serve

Have additional questions about donating?

Contact us at my team and I are always ready to answer any questions you may have. 

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